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Lange Alar hook, 23cm

Lange Alar hook, 23cm



Lange Alar hook, 23cm

Lange Alar hook, 23cm. Touqeer Surgical is a Manufacturing Company who Supplying an Excellent range of all kinds of Rhinology Instruments, such as Ferris Smith Laminectomy Kerrison Punch, Hajek-Kofler Sphenoid Bone Punches, Kerrison Antrum Punch Forceps, Kerrison Mastoid Rongeur, Black Coating, Kerrison Mastoid Rongeur, Stainless Steel, Sphenoid Bone Punches, Cottle Nasal Septum Speculum, Killian Nasal Speculum, Vienna Nasal Speculum, Beckmann Adenoid Curette, Fomon Ball End Retractors, Fomon Bone and Rasps, Cottle Cartilage Crusher. And some high-quality Forceps, such as Schmieden Nasal Cutting Forceps, Hartmann Nasal Cutting Forceps, Blakesley Nasal Through Cutting Forceps, ST. Barts Nasal Cutting Forceps, WEIL Nasal Cutting Forceps, Weil-Blakesley Nasal Cutting Forceps, Tilley Ear Polypus Forceps, and Hartmann Ear Polypus Forceps.


Rhinology is a subspecialty of the ear, nose, and throat. in another word, you can say that Rhinology is the study of the nose and sinuses. Rhinology is actually an otolaryngology subspecialty that focuses exclusively on disorders of the nose, sinuses, and skull base. It is a Study of Ear, Nose, and Throat as well.


Rhinology is the study of the nose and sinuses. Many kinds of Rasps, Files, and saws are used in Rhinology to reshape a nose Bone during Surgery. along with also used Nasal Speculums, Nasal Polypus Snares, Nasal Polypus Forceps, Septum Forceps, Ethmoid Forceps, Nasal Cutting Forceps, Sphenoidal Punches, Rhinoplastic Knives. you can buy a Complete range of Finest instruments for all kinds of Surgery here at the Wish Surgical Plate farm.


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