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Killian Nasal Speculum With Fiber Optics Illumination

Features: Superior Surgical Graded Stainless steel Instruments Manufactured by Touqeer Surgical Best stability against corrosion More durable, Best Stability against corrosion, High resistance against disinfection and sterilization, Made with High Quality.




Killian Nasal Speculum With Fiber Optics Illumination
Killian Nasal Speculum With Fiber Optics Illumination. you can also buy all kinds of Fiber Optic Retractors,Such as Breast Surgery Retractors, Abdominoplasty Retractors, Rhinoplasty Retractors, and All Instruments Manufactured with High Quality Materials, Touqeer Surgical Used the Material as par International Standard, to give a Batter Performances During all the Surgeries. These Instruments have Best stability against corrosion, more durable, high resistance against disinfection and sterilization. After Manufacturing Process these Instruments are Ultrasonic Cleaned and Move for Gold Plated as per Products Structures!
Use of Fiber Optic Retractors:
It is Normally Used for Breast Surgery Procedures, Abdominoplasty Procedures and Rhinoplasty Procedures.  Fiber-optic light designed to enhance visualization during procedures and Suction Tube used for smoke evacuation. And these Retractors Specially manufactured to reduced fatigue During Surgery, and the Edge/tip of Retractor’s Blade Divided in two Parts, with Teeth and without Teeth, and the Surgeons are use them as par their Requirements.

0.300 kg

Select Blade Size
110 X 25 mm, 150 X 36 mm (+$5.00), 180 X 16 mm (+$10.00), 180 X 25 mm (+$10.00), 190 X 36 mm (+$15.00), 220 X 27 mm (+$15.00), 90 X 27 mm, 120 X 25 mm, 130 X 16 mm (+$5.00), 130 X 25 mm (+$5.00), 150 X 25 mm (+$5.00), 150 X 30 mm (+$5.00)

Select Type
With Suction Tube, Without Suction Tube

Blade Type
Smooth End, With Teeth


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