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Heuwieser Antrum Punches (Backbiters) 360°, 10cm, Rotatable

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Heuwieser Antrum Punches (Backbiters) 360°, 10cm, Rotatable

Heuwieser Antrum Punches (Backbiters) 360°, 10cm, Rotatable. Touqeer Surgical is a Manufacturing Company that Supplying an Excellent range of all kinds of Sinus Surgery Instruments, such as Biopsy Double Spoon Forceps, Double Spoon Biopsy Forceps, Giraffe (double spoon) Forceps, Giraffe Double Spoon Forceps, Tonsillectomy Antrum Cannula Suction Tubes, Heuwieser Antrum Punches (Backbiters). Antrum Punch Backbiter, BLAKESLEY Nasal Through Cutting Forceps, TAKAHASHI WATSON-WILLIAMS Nasal Cutting Forceps, WEIL-BLAKESLEY (WILDE) Nasal Cutting Forceps, Also some sinus Scissors, such as Nasal Sinus Scissors, with Serrated Blade, KERRISON Sphenoid Bone Punch, and Mushroom Punch Circular Sinuscopy Cutting Punch. also buy some knives, such as Sexton Ear Knife, Wullstein Sickle Knife, Tabb Mucosa Knife, and Plester Flap Knife as well.


Before we know about the use of Sinus Surgery Instruments, we also have to know a bit about Sinus Surgery.  A sinus is a hollow space in the body. There are many types of sinus, the spaces behind the face that lead to the nasal cavity.

Sinus surgery is a procedure that aims to open the pathways of the sinuses and clear blockages. This is an option for people with ongoing and recurrent sinus infections, and a Surgeon works on an abnormal sinus structure and reshapes it as a normal Sinus structure.

All the Surgeons use Sinus Surgery Instruments, Mostly they Use Antrum Curettes, Biopsy Double Spoon Forceps, double Action, and some punches to cut the Pieces of the Sinus infection Area. also, they use some punches Heuwieser Antrum Punches, Antrum Punch Backbiter, and all these punches are designed for cutting and dissecting tissue or opening and enlargement of the bony sinus.


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