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Crile Hook, 7mm, 20cm

Touqeer Surgical Offering High quality Surgical Retractors, such as Converse Alar Retractors – Double Ended, Coronal Brow Lift Retractors– 7 Prongs, Gubisch Kilner Double Nasal Hook – Alar Retractors, Nasal Tip Retractors, Walter Retractors 4 Prong, Walter Cope Retractors, Senn-Green Retractors with Graded Stainless Steel.



Crile Hook, 7mm, 20cm

Crile Hook, 7mm, 20cm. Mostly used for Plastic Surgery procedures, knurling handle have a Good Grip during surgical procedures. also buy other Surgical Hooks and Retractors, such as Senn-Miller Retractor 16cm, Gubisch Kilner Double Nasal Hook and Retractors.


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