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Cleft & Palate Repairing Instruments Set

TOUQEER SURGICAL Manufacturing and Selling a High Quality Surgical Suggested Instruments set, such as Gubisch Rhinoplasty Instruments Set, Rhinoplasty Walter Instruments Set , Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck Set, Blepharoplasty Instruments Set, Breast Augmentation Instrument Set, Chin Augmentation Instruments Set, Cleft & Palate Repairing Instruments Set, Face & Forehead Lift Set, Mammaplasty Set, SeptoPlasty Instruments Set, Auricular Reconstruction Set,

And all the Instruments are manufactured in High Quality German Stainless Steel, in French Stainless Steel, and in Japanese Stainless Steel, same as per International Standard.


  • Superior Surgical Graded Stainless steel Instruments Manufactured by TOUQEER SURGICAL 
  • Best stability against corrosion



Cleft & Palate Repairing Instruments Set (Set of 22)

                                      Instrument Description # of Units
01.     Scalpel, Round Handle, 16cm 1
02.     Adson Forceps, 15cm, Serrated 1
03.     Adson Forceps, 15cm, 1×2 Teeth 1
04.     Iris Supercut Scissors, 11.5cm, Curved 1
05.     Iris Supercut Scissors, 11.5cm, Curved 1
06.     Ragnell Kilner Scissors, 13cm, Curved 1
07.     Kelly Scissors,  16cm, Curved, Supercut + T.C 1
08.     Metzenbaum T.C. Scissors, 18cm, Curved 1
09.     Crile Wood T.C. Needle Holder, 15cm 1
10.     Blocksma Cleft Palate Hook, 18cm, 3mm, 2 Prong 1
11.     Cleft Palate Raspatory, 14cm, #1 Left 1
12.     Cleft Palate Raspatory, 14cm, #2 Right 1
13.     Kahre Cleft Palate Raspatory, 17cm 1
14.     Mcindoe Cleft Palate Raspatory, 16.5cm 1
15.     Muco-Periosteal Retractor, 19cm 1
16.     Wang Cleft Palate Elevator, 15.5cm 1
17.     Wang Cleft Palate Elevator, 18cm, Right 1
18.     Wang Cleft Palate Elevator, 18cm, Left 1
19.     Wang Cleft Palate Elevator, 18cm, Right Angled 1
20.     Wang Cleft Palate Elevator, 18cm, Left Angled 1
21.     Castroviejo Caliper, 7cm, 20mm Measuring Range 1
22.     Dingman Mouth Gag, Complete 1


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