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Breast Augmentation Instrument Set

TOUQEER SURGICAL Manufacturing and Selling a High Quality Surgical Suggested Instruments set, such as Gubisch Rhinoplasty Instruments Set, Rhinoplasty Walter Instruments Set , Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck Set, Blepharoplasty Instruments Set, Breast Augmentation Instrument Set, Chin Augmentation Instruments Set, Cleft & Palate Repairing Instruments Set, Face & Forehead Lift Set Summary, Mammaplasty Set, SeptoPlasty Instruments Set, Auricular Reconstruction Set,

And all the Instruments are manufactured in High Quality German Stainless Steel, in French Stainless Steel, and in Japanese Stainless Steel, same as per International Standard.



Breast Augmentation Instrument Set – Set of 48

see Below the details for Breast Augmentation Instrument Set.

Instrument Description # of Units
01.   Scalpel Handle, #7k,  1
02.   Surgical Operating Scissors, 14.5cm, Curved – Sharp/Blunt 1+1Free
03.   Ragnell Kilner Scissors, 15cm, Curved – Flattened At Distal End 1
04.   SALDANHA SOLZ Abdominal retractor 1
05.   Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps, 12cm, 7×7 Teeth, Straight  1+1Free
06.   Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps, 12cm, 9×9 Teeth, Straight   1+1Free
07.   Semken Delicate Tissue Forceps, 12.5cm, 2×3 Teeth, Straight 1+1Free
08.   Debakey At Vascular Forceps, 15cm – 1.5mm Tips 1
09.   Bayonet Grasping Forceps, 16cm 1
10.   Bayonet Grasping Forceps, 16cm, 1×1 Teeth  1
11.   Troeltsch Wilde Angular Forceps, 13cm, Adult Size – Serrated  1
12.   Grooved Director And Tongue Tie, 11.5cm  1
13.   Frazier Fergusson Suction Tube, 18cm, Angled, 10 French e  1+1Free
14.   Senning T.C. Needle Holder, 17cm, Serrated  1
15.   Halsted Micro Mosquito Forceps, 12.5cm, Curved 1
16.   Backhaus Towel Clamp, 8.5cm  1
17.   Gross Dressing Forceps, 20cm, Straight – Without Catch, Box Lock 1
18.   Walter Cope Retractor, 17.5cm  1
19.   Joseph Skin Hook, 16cm, Single Prong, Sharp 1
20.   Guthrie Double Retractor Hook, 13cm, 2mm Wide, Sharp  1+1Free
21.   Lempert Raspatory, 17cm, 4mm, Delicate, Sharp   1
22.   Supercut Walter Dorsal Scissors, 14cm, Angular  1
23.   Supercut Walter Cottle Dorsal Scissors, 16cm, Curved 1
24.  Mallet, 18.5cm, Plastic Facings, 200 Grams, 25mm Diameter  1
25.   Walter Williger Bone Curette, 13.5cm, 2/2mm, Double Ended, Sharp, Angled  1
26.   Defourmentel Bone Rongeur, 19cm, Straight, Slender Beaks – Jaws 3mm Wide 1
27.   Weil Blakesley Wilde Ethmoid Bone Forceps #3, 120mm Shaft, 4.2mm 1
28.   Weil Blakesley Wilde Ethmoid Bone Forceps #2, 45 Degree Angle, 120mm Shaft, 3.6mm  1
29.   Myles Nasal Through Cutting Forceps #4, 120mm Shaft 1
30.   Cottle Nasal Septum Speculum, 14cm, 50mm  1
31.   Cottle Elevator, 16cm, 2.5mm  1
32.   Masing Septum Elevator, 22cm, 5/5mm, Double Ended 1
33.   Aufricht Walter Nasal Retractor, 13.5cm, Double Ended, Sharp, 42x7mm  1
34.   Aufricht Walter Nasal Retractor, 13.5cm, Double Ended, Blunt, 38x7mm  1
35.   Walter Chisel/Osteotome, 19cm, 3mm, Modified  1
36.   Walter Chisel/Osteotome, 19cm, 5mm, Modified 1
37.   Walter Osteotome, 19cm, 2mm, Straight  1
38.   Walter Osteotome, 19cm, 12mm, Straight  1
39.   Walter Chisel/Osteotome, 19cm, 12mm, Modified  1
40.   Walter Osteotome, 19cm, 6mm, Curved 1
41.   Walter Cantanares Lifting Scissors, 16cm, Curved 1
42.   Fomon Rhinoplasty Scissors, 12.5cm 1
43.   Cottle Columella Forceps, 11cm 1
44.   Fomon Bone And Nasal Rasp, 20cm 1
45.   Asch Septum Straightening Forceps, 22cm, Angled 1
46.   Brunings Tongue Depressor, 19cm, 14mm 1+1Free
  1.   Kistlre Anthelix Cartilage File For Auricular Plastic 16cm, Right Curved                                        
  2.   Kistlre Anthelix Cartilage File For Auricular Plastic 16cm, Left Curved                                           


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