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Adson Bone Rongeurs 21 cm

Adon Bone Rongeurs 21 Cm



Adon Bone Rongeurs 21 Cm

Adon Bone Rongeurs 21 Cm. Touqeer Surgical Manufacturing and Supplying an Excellent Quality Bone Holding, Cutting Forceps and Bone Rongeurs, such as Adon Bone Rongeurs, Beyer Bone Rongeurs, Echlin Bone Rongeurs, Gerster Lowman Bone Holder 18 Cm, Gerster Lowman Bone Holder 18 Cm, Geiger Bone Rongeurs, Hartmann Bone Rongeurs, Jansen Bone Rongeurs, Kern Bone Holding Forceps, Lane Bone Holding Forceps, Listen Bone Cutting Forceps Angular, Leksell Bone Rongeurs, Luer Bone Rongeurs, Ruskin Bone Rongeurs, Stille Bone Rongeurs, Ulrich Bone Holding Forceps, Van Buren Bone Holding Forceps and Wish Bone Holding Forceps

Use of Bone Rongeurs Forceps:

Wish Surgical Holding Forceps have the purpose of grasping and manipulating entire bones or bone fragments in order to reduce a fracture. These Bone Holding forceps are also used, to secure a bone in place while applying orthopedic implants.

Use of Bone Holding and Bone Cutting Forceps:

Bone Cutters are the common tool of orthopedic Surgeries, Bone cutting forceps are an essential instrument to be used in complex orthopedic surgeries to cut through bone as the specific are of surgery by Surgeons.  Our Professional surgeons and doctors understand the value of the quality of our instruments and trust Touqeer Surgical Brand.

Bone Cutting, Bone Holding, and Bone Ronguers are needed hand Power to be used. All these forceps are Mostly Designed in two Parts, during Cutting and Holding these Instruments, need Manpower. And Cutting Ronguers mostly have Tungsten Carbide Inserts to give a Better and Long Time Good Working, during Surgeries. you can also buy our other Plastic Surgery Instruments. The basic purpose of all these bone holding forceps is to handle, grasp, pull, and compress during orthopedic surgery. And some forceps have a double-action function; these forceps are used to grip and have blades to be used for cutting.


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